Expensive, Not Expensive – Hotel Accommodations in Central HK

Hotel LKF – By Rhombus.

Overall, I love the location and feel of this hotel.  It’s a bit on the trendy side, being in the middle of the most exciting party area in all of Central, Lan Kwai Fong area, which is its name. . LKF.   Don’t be fooled, there is another LKF hotel, but it is not the same one.   One thing that has changed since I was last here YEARS AGO, and what I didn’t know when I booked, is that there is a Bar/ Lounge/ CLUB up on the roof-top.  Yes, now, the top floors all have ear plugs on the nightstand to help you sleep because the party just never stops.

But look at the view from the hotel room!  Amazing sight and you can hear the party down on the ground floor.  I think we were a few floors below the club.. Just make sure you book your stay at least 2 floors below the roof. 🙂

The interiors of most of the rooms I’ve stayed in at the LKF are nice and modern.  The bathrooms are immaculate and the fixtures are really cool and design oriented.  The flat screen televisions are nice and some of the bigger rooms have displays that articulate out from the walls.  There is ample room to stretch, walk, lounge on the couch and sit at a functioning desk, equipped with lots of chargers and adaptors for all your electronics!  The staff is really nice and attentive.

I love this place despite the crazy music thumping at 3am.  It’s LKF, so let’s party!!   If you are curious and want to be in a place where you can wander upstairs and have a smoke and drink, maybe dance the night away after getting lost in the outdoor entertainment that is LKF, then stumble into your bed and pass out. . . maybe this is for you.  But since my husband had never been to HK before and I used to live here, I thought it was something he had to experience for himself.  He had a blast!  Even though we didn’t stay up too late, (maybe 1 or 2?) we had a few cocktails down on the street level and brought some drinks back to enjoy in our room.  We had been up for most of our flight and arriving at 7am was not easy.   Being up for about 24 hours was intense, so it was fun and exciting to be in a comfortable bed, in an elegant hotel, with really nice bathroom, amazing view, and enjoy our first night in HK in our hotel room! 🙂

Luckily I booked on a hotel sight through an HK based travel agency.  It was not cheap, but not extremely expensive.  My justification was that it was our very first night in Asia, after a long flight, and we needed to splurge on a decadent room and be centrally located for everything!

On the flip side . . . at the tail end of our trip, I figured we would have spent so much money and “roughed it” so much that our last hotel stay in HK would be memorable in a different way!

This is the Mini-Hotel.  Think of it more as an experience in frugal living quarters.  I think it is quite suitable for singles, business people, laid back people and really close knit couples or really REALLY good friends..  Each room has a full size bed, enough walking space for one person and a clear glass toilet/shower/sink enclosed bathroom.  Note that I said all-glass, which is where the “CLOSE-KNIT” relationship is truly challenged.  If you need privacy from your partner or friend, you may wish to book your own room.  Otherwise, turn on the television when the other person needs to shower or use the toilet.

What I loved about the Mini Hotel was the fact that you didn’t have any space to spread out and get messy.  But as you can see, we got messy with the things we had, anyway. There are ample storage areas, like a ledge along the whole wall along the bed and many coat hooks you could hang backpacks, shopping bags, clothes and jackets on to keep more tidy.  We each had a large piece of luggage and a duffle, so it was a little tight when we had to search for clothes, but you just learn to take turns. . literally.   One thing that is cool is that there is free wi-fi, a hot water kettle, hair dryer, full size enclosed shower, toilet and tiny sink.  You can sort of hear your neighbors, but hey, we paid under $100 to be in Central (yes, I’m a Central snob because it’s easy, there’s a ton of shopping, and the HK zoo and trails to the Peak are right there.)  When you only have 1 or 2 days in HK, it’s the easiest place to set up camp.

The Mini Hotel also has a little vending machine that sells toothbrushes, electric plug adaptors, ramen, drinks, and water.  The location is only one street up from the LKF-Rhombus but is a lot quieter.  The lobby is very spacious, so your bedroom is just for sleeping and showering.  It was a good spot and because I booked well in advance, I got about 20% off the regular room rate.


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