Beautiful Bako National Park

If you’re into animals, nature, hiking, and lots of beautiful scenery, jungle and beach, you cannot miss Bako!






Arrival in Bako was at low tide. We walked the the torrential downpour toward the check in offices. When the rain subsided, about an hour after we arrived, we took a nice little hike to the closest beach.

The rains left swampy, rooty trails and luckily we had on flip flops instead of sneakers which just seem to soak up every bit of water.






Within hours, we hiked two trails, watched the seas rise about 8 feet and saw proboscis monkeys, macaques, and wild boar! Not to mention we saw countless pitcher plants along the trails.




The following day was beautiful and sunny. We walked along a raised pathway trail and saw so many macaques in the trees above us. That morning, we also saw a flying lemur hugging a tree! On closer inspection, there was a little baby clinging underneath her arm flaps. We didn’t notice her because her coloration blended in so well with the tree bark.

(Sorry, not even a decent pic!)


Goodbye, Bako! Our boatman was unable to take us back until the tide rose high enough to clear the motor!

Tips:Take the tide into consideration when traveling to Bako. Also, the accommodations are a LOT rustic and the food is edible, but not great. Bring your own snacks and food you can snack on or use hot water to cook. All running water; tap, hoses, showers, toilets are reddish brown due to the high mineral content of the water. They sell bottled water, sodas and some sundries. Make reservations for accommodations at the Kuching National Park office at the courthouse before you go. You can hire a taxi or take a 3 ringgit bus ride on the Red bus that says #1Bako. A few minivans will try to pick you up right before the bus arrives for about 10 or 20 ringgit. It’s your call. The bus takes a little longer because it drives through a small town while the van drives direct, but we passed up a van ride and saw that he arrived at basically the same time we did. You will also need to pay for a roundtrip ferry ticket at the ferry pier. Arriving early at the park means sitting in the restaurant area or leaving your bags in a closet so you can go hike around. Check in is at 2pm. Be prepared for rain at all times. 🙂


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