Fresh Coconut milk makes a difference!

This is the vendor who sells coconut meat from the market.  Incidentally, the market moved to a bigger location across the Kuching waterfront.



IMG_9887After a few minutes of massaging all the juice from the meat into the water, squeeze out as much moisture and dispose of the grated coconut flesh. Pour the coconut milk through a fine mesh sieve.  IMG_9889 Using a carefully prescribed ratio of pea-flour, sugar, and coconut water, mix over a medium flame until the mixture thickens into a formidable paste.  As bubbles begin to appear, turn off the heat and this will become a “pudding” that sets quite nicely in the refrigerator.  I bought the pea-flour while I was still in Kuching, so I cannot comment on where to find it here in the US.IMG_9905 Spooning warm coconut mixture into the moulds..  The cooking class we took at Bumbu used sweet corn, but I recently tried this recipe using a big lychee in the center, which also turned out very tasty!



These little moulds were created with a single pandanus leaf about 12 – 14 inches in length.  The ends are secured with a single toothpick.  It was a bit like origami to fold, which was really fun! IMG_9879


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