Sarawak Laksa: Dream come true

My very first Sarawak laksa. We had some laksa in KK, but as all local Kuching people say, any other laksa is a mere copy of the authentic Kuching style!

Yes, the little dough pastry is a Chinese donut, typically served with Jook. Here at the laksa stand at Foody Goody, you can use it to dip into your laksa broth.

The proper spicy sambal and kalamansi lime can be made alongside the laksa. I was excited and squeezed my lime into the broth. To my dismay, the giant seeds fell out, too, and I had to work my way around the laksa and spit out the lime seeds. Save yourself the trouble and mix the lime on the side.

Sambal Belachan is a delicate balance between salty belachan, chilies, vinegar (or acid from citrus) and sugar.

If you notice, I also ordered black coffee, which for most eateries is strange: you have to order it without milk and sugar or else it will come with condensed milk and lots of sugar. This laksa was only 7 ringgit per bowl.


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