First night in Kuching

Our host, a friend of a friend, picked us up at the airport! It was super great as he is a native to Kuching and his bloodline is Iban, one of the larger tribal groups of Sarawak. He is very knowledgable in the history of Sarawak and Borneo, so every 2 minutes of him talking is like a book of information! I’m not kidding. He’s used to work for the Sarawak Tourism Board and even teaches classes to guides.

He and his wife invited us to meet them for dinner here at Top Spot food court. He knows the owner of this seafood place! When we arrived, it was sunny. When we went to walk to the restaurant, what is called “torrential” rain poured down and we grabbed the free umbrellas at the hostel we were booked at.

The rain pretty much soaked my shoes, so much I had to squeeze water out of my socks before entering the seating area. The entire restaurant is an outside food court with a large canopy spread over the table areas. There are over a hundred tables and a dozen or so restaurants.

Fresh sautéed veggies! I know the baby corn here is huge. In the markets, they are sold fresh. Not like here in the states where I’ve only seen canned baby corn.

This dish is sautéed cucumber greens. I didn’t know the tender tips were edible! Pretty awesome with fried garlic and chilies tossed on top.

Classic black pepper sauce crabs! (They sell this sauce in a big bottle but it was too big of a commitment to buy one.). The flavor is spicy, peppery, sweet, and savory.


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