Borneo-Sabah. Mt. Kinabalu- Day1:3 at the park

Sea level start from Kota Kinabalu. Our driver picked us up from the hostel after breakfast.

A view from the van on a 2 hour drive up to the park entrance.


Durians, bananas, fruits, and snack stands dot the 2-4 lane road until you reach the entrance. These were not open, but there were at least 30 or so fruit, snack and food stands. depending on traffic, I’m sure you can easily hop out of your car and buy something to eat! Did I mention the 2 hour drive going to 10,000 feet elevation?


A welcome sight! The entrance and check-in area!

The map of the park entrance, lodging, eateries, and hiking trails. We are doing the summit climb, but starting at Timpohon gate. So, our first day at the Mt. Kinabalu includes check-in, hanging out, a little 1.5 mile warm-up hike and getting our gear packed up. We lucked out on our accommodations! Firstly, because we didn’t book so far in advanced, and secondly, our guide got us an amazing lodge stay!


I don’t even live this well at home!
More later!


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