#Macau– Coloane highlights




Growing up eating Chinese egg tarts, I was unsure of what made these Macau Egg tarts super special. Lord Stow, you’ve changed my life!

One bite and it was clear I’d never think the same way about an egg tart. No, egg “custard”! The best way to describe the food is a silky smooth custard set into an airy, but buttery and flakey shell. The top is darkened and caramelized, so tasty! There’s nothing to chew, really, I suppose I just inhaled it. One was enough for a taste, and I admit I immediately wanted another!

We walked about 30 steps or so to a nice set of public benches and one granite table with 4 stools that had our name on it. That’s where I will etch the memory of eating the best egg custard in my life, with the sound of mah jong tiles, the company of our cousins, and the faint smell of sea water from the river.

Just across the water way is China. The area is getting so built up. Amazing!


The tiny yellow building is the bakery! There is a formal eatery around the corner, however.


Other beautiful pastries are available, too!


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