Sheung Wan Dim Sum

Washing utensils in tea water at the table. 20121216-154840.jpg
Waiter dispensing hot water into individual tea cups. Straining & pouring tea with this old-style method of tilting the bowl, keeping the leaves under the tea, and not spilling tea on the table is a true skill. One I do not possess.

Chicken feet, tripe, ground beef dumplings, the freshest roast pork I’ve ever eaten and tons of other yummy dishes I was too hungry to photograph!

Not super crazy dim sum, but one of the more fun experiences! It’s OK for you to leisurely read the newspaper while eating your dim sum slowly. There’s actually a secondary tier of table below the glass one. It’s also OK to spit your bones on on the glass table! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bring your own napkins!



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