The trouble with beans..

I think I’ve deboned about 8 chickens and finally got the basic technique down. That’s not to say l am good at it, it just means that I don’t have to freeze-frame Jacques Pepin’s demo every step of the way.

This particular roll is stuffed with a kale and cooked lentil-quinoa mixture. Serious protein!

Here is the return of the bean. I love the texture and taste when it is cooked, but damn if I can keep a single bean intact! I peeled all the beans of their thick skins, but I’m not sure why even then, they fall apart. It is a bit like peeling fava beans, but slightly easier. I did a side of beans with this dinner: bacon lardons coat the pan and then I simmered the beans in broth and garlic until they were almost soft, then threw in chopped kale for the remaining cooking time.

Because the beans were simmered slowly and they are so starchy, a nice gravy formed and went perfectly with the mashed potatoes I made. Yogurt and potatoes with a little salt and pepper, but LOTS of freshly grated garlic!

I think I cooked the chicken too hot (400) too early for too long. The internal temp was already 165 at 35 minutes. Oops. Cooked well, but not as juicy as if I set it to 375 and waited a little longer.

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