Packing the little things..

When I lived in Hong Kong, I was always searching for the smallest cell-phone! Sometimes, I still do and am tempted by cool designs but no where as intense as I used to be. I’m tempered by marriage and a shared bank account! 😉

My tiny phone will be useful for when I need to call my friends in HK and Borneo. All I need is a SIM card when I get there and I’m good! When we went to Sweden, we paid a lot for web service. It was painful. This way, I won’t be so tempted to use my phone and I’ll have a local number!

**This phone is about 6 years old and what’s funny is that I have video of my solo trip to Bali in it. I can’t figure out how to extract the clips, but if I have a free hour or two one day, I will!


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