Craving Cheese!

I RARELY eat processed meals, but I have to say Amy’s Vegan Mac & Cheeze hits the spot without my making a huge time investment in cooking. I’m heading to work via bicycle today and need a little bit more calories for breakfast. The fridge is almost devoid of all food items; condiments and garnish-type veggies are pretty much the only occupants!

So, that leaves me mashed potatoes, frozen corn and a package of frozen Mac n Cheeze! heh heh


I didn’t bother removing the dish from the paper carton. I really don’t feel like washing dishes right now.
The dish took about 25-30 minutes to heat in the oven: we don’t use microwaves in our house.
I like my Mac n Cheeze spicy, but didn’t have any peppers or jalepeños, but chili flakes are ok.

I can’t say this is the best Mac n Cheese, but as a gluten/diary/soy-free vegan dish, it’s awesome. The sodium content is around 700-800, but I’ve seen canned soups topping 1000.

This is also a calorically dense, so if you get full at about halfway, like I do, don’t feel obliged to power through, you’ve eaten at least 250+ calories, especially if you don’t work out. If you calorie-count, like I do, for weight management, it’s important to know how much you need to exercise to burn a specific number of calories. Carbs are great energy source. Burning 500 calories takes me an hour of intense exercise, like running. If I’m riding my bike, up and down mountains, I can use about 350-400 calories. There’s the math: I’ve already given my body more than it needs for the next 2 hours by eating the whole serving of Mac n Cheeze. 😉


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