Travel Precautions & Vaccinations

We spent yesterday afternoon getting doses of drugs and vaccinations for our trip to Asia.

I’m laying in bed because both my arms are sore from shots! My husband, who is also quite sore from the shots was funny because he never complains about fatigue or pain, except today.
We got the following shots from Dr. Dover. (Who is the most awesome travel advisor, ever!)
1. Hep A
2. Measles
3. Tetanus
4. Flu (the good doctor ran out but we went to Costco to get that shot about an hour after.)

We opted out of the typhoid inoculation because it was a low risk for us. However, we did go a little nuts on precautions for Malaria. He prescribed a medication for us to take while in Borneo. We are also bringing a treated mosquito net and a low dose, non absorbing DEET spray. I’m a mosquito magnet while my husband never gets bitten.




We also have a few vials of anti-diarrheal medicine if we get I’ll from food or water.

He prescribed altitude sickness pills to take before and during our climb on Mt. Kinabalu. *Personally, I have felt effects of altitude but never got sick from it. This is based on a trip to Half Dome, which is at 8,800 feet (with only 4,400 feet elevation gain from the trail start.) Where we are going, we end at about 13,500 feet. I’d rather not chance getting sick and be forced to descend..

I’m bringing along a CamelBak All Clear, so I’m hoping that will help with purifying our drinking water. It filters about 80 cycles per charge, so that should be good for all 4 of us on our 2-day hike. 16 gallons in total before needing to charge the battery.


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