peeling roasted chestnuts

My husband and I had a roasted chestnut peeling race before Thanksgiving. He was faster, so he “won”, but I had to peel less, so I’m really the winner 😉

I froze about half of the chestnuts. I chose the intact ones to freeze and the broken ones for my rice stuffing..

Today, I used the last few morsels of chestnuts for my breakfast-soup.

Lotus seeds and chestnuts are perfect sources of protein. They are low in fat, and glycemic load, too! I prefer them to other nuts and seeds.

By the way, the big oblong thing is a lotus pod. Sometimes they are sold linked in a chain of pods. Sort of like kelp pods.

The soup is so hot, the steam makes it look gray..

Going to eat some kimchi, too! Need my probiotics and vitamins.. You can see that I prepare my kimchi in wedges. I only slice off what I can eat at meals. I like keeping the cabbage and ingredients in between the leaves intact versus mixing it all up. I’m not sure why.


That was spicy! It also warmed me up! I had a Yerba matte hot tea to go with my breakfast. The weather is damp and cold today. What a way to combat it!


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