Thank You!! Heather @Plant Based Diet Adventures for the Super Sweet nomination!

I think I’ve been nominated for an award at some point, but being my noob blogger self, have never had time to figure out how to accept it or show case it. .  Sorry for that!  But this time, I figured it out! (heehee)


The rules are:

  • Show-off the award on your blog. (SEE THE SWIRLY-FUN CUPCAKES ABOVE?  THAT’S IT!  YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE IT!)
  • Thank the super-sweet blogger who nominated you. (THANK YOU, HEATHER FROM PLANT BASED DIET ADVENTURES FOR NOMINATING MY BLOG! YOU ROCK!)
  • Answer five super-sweet questions about yourself. (BEING A SAVORY FAN, THESE Q’S WERE A LITTLE CHALLENGING FOR ME TO ANSWER.)
  • Nominate 13 super-sweet bloggers. (WILL DO!) 

The super-sweet questions:

1. Cookies or cakes??

Mmm. Cakes! –I’m thinking moon-cakes 🙂


2. Chocolate or vanilla??

Vanilla is my first answer, but I recently had a vegan chocolate ice cream to die for…

3. What is your favourite sweet treat??mochi cream

I love Mochicream…  There is a shop in the Mitsuwa market in Serratoga and it is by far the best mochi-ice cream I’ve had, which isn’t a lot.  Served the same day, this is to die for yumminess..

4. When do you crave for sweets the most??

I crave sweets during the autumn and winter months.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be??

Rocky Road 🙂

I now nominate the following blogs:

The Drunken Cyclist -bearer of the libations to the party.. I check here before bringing wine to a party!

All Seasons Cyclist -amazingly hardy and inspiring cyclist!

Homemade With Mess -we all aspire to be messy!

Frugal Feeding -yeah! I dig this site

Hong Kong Nom Nom -drool

Interior Builders -amazing remodeling..

Woman Cyclists -ride on, sista!

Atelier C157 – nice photography!

Belle Grove Plantation B&B -so much history, so little time!

Lesley@Bucket List Publications -I envy your travel life!

Avenues of Artistry -just so artistic

Bunny & Pork Belly -a better source of food and restaurant  knowledge than any “professional” sites

Haley Eats -you go, girl!



BTW, I won’t be offended if anyone doesn’t want to accept this nomination.  (And don’t be offended if I couldn’t put you on this list.) I’m sad I could only nominate 13 because I have so many other blogs I love and read every day!! xox Bam

Thanks, again, Heather!

2 thoughts on “Thank You!! Heather @Plant Based Diet Adventures for the Super Sweet nomination!

  1. I was so excited you won an award that I ‘liked’ this immediately before reading it. Then I saw you nominated me! Thanks!!! =) (And I actually clicked the link because I was all … did she mean ME? Really? ME? Let me check to make sure it’s not someone else). haha. Now it’s my turn to figure this type of thing out. By the way, I now want to try vegan ice cream!!

    1. Hi! I’m glad you kept reading!! 🙂 Yes, I meant you… I know. I just copied and pasted the logo onto my desktop and then reposted it.. But that’s my extent of the blogosphere stuff. . heh heh.. My friend makes the best Vegan Choco ice cream. She makes it out of avocados, insane chocolate that keeps you up for a million hours after eating it and agave nectar and other good – for – you stuff! Have a great week!

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