So it begins..

Oh jeez.. Well, I needed roasted chestnuts, so we went to Saratoga to get some. There is a Chinese Chestnut vendor outside of Mitsuwa, and today we bought about 2 lbs of fresh roasted chestnuts. I will be shelling these momentarily, but here is what I’ve started on so far.

Mushroom stock for the pure vegan gravy. I will cook this broth first to get the flavor and depth of a rich, savory gravy. I’ll cook it down and add more herbs, rice flour and nutritional yeast later. I’m not using soy in this recipe, so the mushroom needs to really taste right before I turn it into gravy. The hope is that it will exceed the taste of the turkey gravy. 😉

45 minutes to simmer and I’ve 15 more to go.

Second broth is the vegetable broth.

Yup. There’s lime in the fennel water so it will keep the vegetable from browning. Otherwise, it’s similar to the mushroom stock except that it has fennel and more onion.. and no mushrooms! I’m not ready to cook this until the mushroom broth is done.

Typically, I wouldn’t do the veggie broth until a day or two before the meal, but I plan to make the roasted butternut squash purée tonight. I’ll add a bit of stock in it tonight, then add more to thin it the day of. I don’t like using Pre-made stocks because they have way too much sodium; even the organic ones.

Homemade dashi!

We have to eat dinner sometime! So, in hopes of having a simple dinner, we are having sashimi, rice, taco sunomono (which is why I made dashi), seaweed salad and miso soup with mountain veggies.

Konbu: 4×4 inch piece of seaweed cut with scissors to aid in releasing flavor. Put into a small pot with about 4 cups of water and set to boil.

Right before the water begins to boil, turn the pot off and remove the konbu.


This is a packet of bonito flakes. I think it is 1oz. I use 1 to flavor my dashi stock. It’s made from fish, so if you are vegan, you can omit this.


When the bonito have released its essence, the flakes will settle to the bottom of the pot. Now, you can strain the broth and here you have dashi!

I’m using my dashi to create the “sunomono” sauce. Here you see the prepared wakame (rehydrated seaweed) and freshly sliced Japanese cucumber.

This recipe is overdue and I wanted to make sure my friend at avenues of artistry saw the pics so she knew how easy it can be to make this simply yummy stock!



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