Chinese take-out for breakfast!

Last night we ordered take out from our little Chinese restaurant in Santa Cruz.

This morning, I am in a Thanksgiving prep frenzy, so the last thing I want to do was make brunch from scratch..

Most people don’t have dried lotus leaves laying around, but I do. That’s when I got the idea for making rice packets and steaming them for breakfast. Usually, for dim sum, you can get these little lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice packets with Chinese sweet sausage, a little Shitake and peanuts, sometimes a salted egg, or chicken. If you don’t have access to lotus leaves, an aluminum foil packet is almost as good!

After softening the leaves in hot water in the sink, I fold it in half to stuff it.

My hubby loves fried rice.. mostl because this restaurant puts thick Chinese bacon or mini pork belly in it! I put about a cup and a half of filling and then squeezed a bead of sesame oil around the perimeter.

The leaves sometimes have holes and this one was leaking, so I lined my bamboo steamer with another leaf.

I’m not very good at folding these into neat little triangles or even squares, but twine helps keep everything together.

Steamed pork ribs are great for breakfast, too! It’s a typical dim sum dish, but usually less spiced and steamed with a little jalepeño and black bean. I put mine on another tier to reheat. 20 minutes later and we are ready to eat!

I opened mine upside down so the rice is all you see. ;(

I got lucky when I opened my husband’s packet. His had all the goodies facing upright.

You don’t eat the lotus leaf: it’s fragrant aroma infuses the food with a very awesome taste. I like eating my food out of the leaf, taking care to find all the rice and yummy food in the folds.

I made 2 more for snacks later 😉

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