A-type shopping list

Stick with the menu! I like deviating and being creative but it’s not good while shopping. I accidentally printed this on sticky-back labels.. Whoops.


I have a lot of dishes and a good amount of shared ingredients. This list helps me guess how much I will need to buy. Sometimes, the size of ingredients varies, so I try to put quantitative measurements rather than number of items.

These labels were cut to shape for my friends ice creams. I made the logo with an online template found at eatdrinkchic. I used my own font and drew a little ice cream on a cone. I hope she likes them!


2 thoughts on “A-type shopping list

    1. Hee hee!! I’m glad. 🙂 My printer seems to be acting up, so the quality is not the best.. but it was a fun little side project! I was trying to find some cool ice-cream spoons. . like those wood ones, but realized I hate the way they make ice-cream taste. Blahhhh.

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