Vietnamese Sandwiches for dinner!



My husband bought a Francese roll and it was really airy and crunchy. (No French rolls in this town!) I warmed up some butter and minced garlic to coat the inside of the bread before baking.
I broiled the talapia for about 6-8 minutes. Sliced jalepeños, fresh cilantro and thinly sliced cucumber garnish these sammies for a yummy, handheld meal!

I usually set aside a little Sriracha or hot sambal sauce mixed with yogurt to use as a condiment since we love spicy things! Today, I wanted a good squeeze of lime juice to compliment the tart and sweet fish!

When we lived in Oakland, we would cross the tracks into a little Vietnamese area where there was a very tasty and cheap Banh Mi vendor. Oh, how I miss that place sometimes!

4 thoughts on “Vietnamese Sandwiches for dinner!

  1. I live in Oakland & would love to know what place you like!

    Also, I have been dying to make a japanese dashi broth to have on hand when i feel like eating a delish noodle vegetable soup. have you ever made one from scratch?

    1. Hi! Please be careful if you go here. Drive with a friend or something.. it’s called Ba le Vietnamese Sandwich. 1909 International Boulevard Oakland, CA. They also make homemade beef jerkey and sell it in a big ziplock bag. I saw the locals grab em with a few sandwiches and some bubble drinks from the cold fridge. It looks like a little tiny market with a few racks here and there of packaged foods and a counter. It’s totally take-out, only. I think the sammies are about $4 each or cheaper.. cash only.

      I have a great recipe for dashi stock and I will share that with you! I need to take pics of the packaging so it’s easy to find it when you go shop for ingredients 🙂 xox Bam

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