My husband snapped this shot of the coast so I would know what to wear on my ride into work! He also called and told me about a patch of loose gravel to look out for! I wore a Rapha short sleeve with wind jacket, Smartwool arm warmers, Rapha 3/4 bib, Sidi mtn shoes with eggbeaters, bell helmet, & Incredisocks. My lights were a Light & Motion rear Vis180 micro, Urban 500, Vis360+ unit on my helmet.

I rode up HWY1 to a Time Trial location. I was able to ride at a good pace and improved over last month’s time by 1 minute. I was passed by one huge gravel truck (twice) but no real scary passes or problems otherwise.

It’s already 3 and if I want to ride home before dark, I have to get ready soon. There’s too much to do, though, so I may have to hitch a ride home from my hunny. Thankfully, I have choices! 😉


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