Great impromptu weekend getaway!





I like car-camping, but I’m sort of over the tent part 🙂 Especially cold, wet ground, stakes, air-mattresses, therma-rests, ahhhh!! If I’m backpacking, that’s what I sign up for, but car-camping, I’m all about gourmet meals and sleeping in!

This was by FAR, the best sleep I’ve ever had. I feel safe on top of my car! It was easy to pitch the tent and other than getting down mid-night to pee, the cushioned mattress alone was worth its weight in gold. My husband set up therma rests but we didn’t use them. It was comfy without! We tested a Tepui tent, the largest one available, because we’d really like to invest in one. The only thing you need is a roof rack and level ground!

Anyway, I think we’re going to get it now that we’ve tried it. Though this one was a little too spacious for us. ( I can’t believe I can even say that! )

I actually made rice before we left on this trip. We always need rice or lentils, so I made chipotle-tomatillo salsa, a batch of green lentils-quinoa and brown rice to go!

Lucky I did because we got to the campground in the dark!

Easy potato and onion packets to toss on the grill.

I can bring my whole kitchen! Though I forgot dish detergent, cutting board and a chef’s knife, I made due..
(We bought soap the next morning at the camp store!)




Grilled filet mignon, grilled potatoes and onions and Mexican-red-veggie-rice. 😉

For breakfast, I made a leftover beef hash with potatoes on arugula with salsa.

We lucked out with a nice big camp site. Although we could hear other camper’s intimate conversations, we were at least visually blocked from most of our neighbors.

We brought our bikes to go for a mountain ride! My husband broke a spoke at about mile 2, but it didn’t fail too badly and we actually rode another 10 miles to complete the loop. We’ve done this route numerous times but the opposite direction. This private property (about 1 hour into the ride) has been building a treehouse for the last 4-6 months!

I thought the railroad car, teepee and zip lines were cool! The 3 story treehouse is amazing!!


Organic chicken sausages on grilled sourdough with organic ketchup and mustard… Fresh lentil-quinoa salad and grilled broccolini. 😉

I ran my phone dead, so I missed out taking pics on Sunday morning. I made a ground lamb and potato hash! We did a recon mission on our bikes scoping out closed campsites and generally exploring areas behind locked gates. We went on an employee access road and found some cool creek crossings and an old stone fireplace that was sitting beside a creek. It was so fuzzy and green from moss, it looked like a relic! I wish I took photos ;(
Overall, camping in Big Basin was fun, but chilly during this time of year. We spent almost $100 buying firewood and $45/night because we brought 2 cars. Typically, 1 night is $35. We couldn’t fit the bikes AND the tent on my car AND my husband doesn’t have roof racks to mount the tent, so we had no option.

It took me a few hours to clean up all our camp equipment, wash clothes, re-wash and dry cooking stuff and tidy up the cottage. I was too tired to cook so we ordered out from Otoro Sushi from Scots Valley.

We had raw oysters, fried calamari, gyoza, saba and ikura nigiri, a seared beef roll and a spicy seared albacore roll. I was super happy! (The put the oysters on a bed of ice to keep them cold!)


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