Ride Home

If I didn’t commute today, I’m not sure I would’ve ridden my bike at all. I was busy, but not slammed with work. The weather was slightly cool, but some breaks in the clouds. However, riding home, I was back into the fog. Today was a good 26 mile total with 2300ft of climbing. I pushed it a little harder going home because there was a bit of traffic. I thought I left early enough (4pm) but I forgot Halloweenie parents probably want to get home early to take their kids Trick O Treating..

Yikes for me!
So, it didn’t rain at all going home so I decided to try and test my jacket for waterproof-ness by spraying my arm with a hose for 10 seconds. At the seam.



Some water droplets remained on the surface where as most saturated as I literally had the nozzle point blank on my arm. I felt fairly wet and cold, but when I took off my jacket, the only “wetness” underneath was from my sweaty long sleeve jersey. I couldn’t see a big difference between the sprayed arm and the non-sprayed arm.

I’ll try this again when I haven’t sweated . I think my testing procedure here was flawed. 😉

It’s also super stressful to ride on windy roads. Some day, I’ll GoPro my road uphill, but it adds weight! I just try to clear all the blind corners as fast as I can. If I drive and see a cyclists rear blinky, I know they can see mine!

My bike is on the right. The Planet Bike variety is on the left. This is the lowest setting for my light. It is on the highest setting on PB. The strobe is the major difference. PB’s is like a rave where mine pulses like a heartbeat.

Close up.
Anyway, I also use a pulsing front light. No matter what time of day or weather. I think it helps catch a drivers eye and believe me, some motorists (motorcycles included) tend to veer into oncoming traffic on the single lanes in the mountains.



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