Gear: Trip packing. Camelbak

I like CamelBak. I’ve been a fan of their hydration packs as long as I’ve been a cyclist. I even designed packs for them between 2003-7. They have a fleet of engineers and designers and test labs and great people from sales to CEO. It’s a relevant company in the Outdoor space. Innovative, too!

This is not a real “review” but my first impressions. The real review is when I take this All-Clear Bottle to Borneo to test it. So, this is just an “out of the box” experience.

First off, I like the packaging. Everything looks clean and organized, the shape of the box is unique and I wasn’t missing any parts. The UV cap is on the bottle from the start. The regular cap is in the neoprene case. By the way, the case is perfectly form fitting to either cap and has a little mesh pocket for the USB cable. I’m surprised they used a regular and not a micro or mini-USB. I’m starting to get annoyed with all the variations on my products, so I notice these types of things.

Close up.

Here is where I read that you don’t just go filling up water from a stream and turn on the light to kill pathogens. It’s highly recommended to use a pre-filter (sold separately) which removes large particulate and then you use a filtration system to clean the water before using the UV.

I am really glad to know this because I will only use this system with water from spigots/faucets but not from streams. If I were backpacking, I’d probably get the other filter unit and hand pump but I’m not.

I work in an old building and don’t trust the pipes to the water-cooler, so I filled my water up to drink my first test. It’s easy: remove UV cap, fill water, replace UV cap tightly. Press the ON button for 2 seconds until the light turns on and rotate the bottle back and forth for 60 seconds. (I turned off the light because it looked so cool!)

Remove cap and drink. Now, you can use your other cap to close the bottle.
I’m surprised they didn’t offer a cap with drinkable spout on top. Or make this bottle slender to fit a water-bottle cage for cycling. I only tried shoving it into one cage, but didn’t want to force it.


I guess to properly test this I’d need a before and after drink, but I’m not going to do that. 😉

I plan to take this with me to Borneo even though there is ample porable water available on our climbs and adventures, however, I’m not willing to get sick and water is a basic necessity. Even in Hong Kong, I don’t normally drink the tap water. Each fully charged sequence can purify 80 bottles of water.


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