Breakfast-Lunch-Clothing-Ride! (comments)

Warm chai-beet shake for breakfast with banana. Not all shakes have to be cold! Black tea for the ride in. My first dose of caffeine (sorry, but I need it!)

20 minutes to boil quinoa, then mixed it with cooked green lentils. Added diced radish, red onion, herbs de Provence, salt, lime juice and olive oil. My vegan dish.

Each container is about 3/4 cup, so my serving of lentil-quinoa is correct for the cleanse. I also put a serving of opa in a container as I’ll be hungry after riding. This way I won’t be tempted to go out for lunch.

Imagine fish inside your jersey… Ziplock bags ensure food stuffs don’t pop open! 😉

[Ate my lunch immediately after arriving at work like a ravenous squirrel.]

Taking inventory of my gear and fitting my lunch into my pockets!

I sent my husband to work with my computer so I have to ride in whether the weather clears or not. If I don’t force myself to ride today, I’ll be unable to tomorrow or the following day..

(Whoa! I almost forgot it is Halloween! I’m dressed as a cyclist today!)

This jacket is waterproof. That’s why there are taped seams and sonic welded zips. Lets try it out today!

[So, I was totally dry on the outside and the only dampness was from my sweating from the inside. When I took off my jacket, I felt my wrist cuffs, they were pretty cold and wet.  My gloves did NOT keep my fingers warm.  I wore a SmartWool beanie under my helmet to stay warm. I tried to look at water spray on my jacket while I was riding, but I was mostly descending, so I couldn’t really take my eyes off the road.   There was a lot of spray from the wet roads, so my choice of wearing shorts and not 3/4 length kit left my knees a bit chilly. I went for it on the hills because it was the only way I could warm myself up.]

It’s been about 8 months since I’ve used this jacket, so I forgot if I got wet or not using it in rain.

After a month of using this on every ride, the weak glue on the Velcro to neoprene has come apart.. FAIL! EPIC FAIL, Runners World. 😦 Boo. I run AND ride with this and have gone through 2 this year already. I had to sew the edges of Velcro to keep using it. Too bad this is the only style I found that fit my tiny arms.

Taking inventory I realized I forgot something..

Tubes are good!

Cyclist, designer, fashion victim?? Ok. I’m that person. But I can’t help it! Check out the super awesome paisley repeat/ pattern on this silk scarf! I worked with textile designers and have had to learn about repeats and pattern design. Do you know how hard it is to make a beautiful pattern? It’s a skill. Plus, this one is made of little sprockets and chain rings and bike themed elements. I appreciate this sort of stuff. It’s elegant and sophisticated and not cheesy..

Cheesy is easy. You can quote me on that.

[This silk scarf kept my neck incredibly warm.  I unzippled my outer shell a little bit while I was climbing, so my neck was exposed, but this scarf shielded me from the air.  It dries quickly so it was a good call for a drizzly day like this.]



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