19/21: Dinner!

So, tonight everything was vegan except for the grilled Opa. I made a pretty horrible mistake trying to make mashed turnips. So, that’s why no one does it! Turnips are too watery.

After mashing a cup of turnips, the liquid that came out made it soupy in consistency. Blah. So, I tasted it. A little bitter. Blah

So, maybe I turn this into a leek soup?
After steaming the leek, I mixed it with the turnip and tasted it. Blah.

Cauliflower!! I steamed and chopped up a whole head of white florets, mixed them in a mini food processor and added a little of the turnip-leek mixture at a time until I had a fairly creamy texture. The cauliflower was sweet and so I added grated raw garlic, salt, chives and set it to simmer out the remaining liquid. It took about 10 minutes on barely a flame to dry out. It had a nice green hue to it. I ended up using only 1/3 cup of the leek-turnip mixture, so it was mostly a cauliflower purée. My hubby thought there was butter or coconut milk to make it rich tasting. I’m just glad I didn’t have to throw away everything!


Basic lentil salad with olive oil, lemon juice, red bell pepper, shallots and cucumber.



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