Sunday: Post Ride Relax

55 mile and 5000 feet of climbing between yesterday and today! Yay!

Today, I was planning on the triple mini-climbs, but we only did the two shortest plus a nice long (straight) road ride to the end of Empire Grade. I asked my friend how she was feeling, and she said she did a boot camp and road a challenging route yesterday. For me, I did a good road ride yesterday, too, so I chose the most relaxing route with the nicest road!

It was great, we stopped about 2/3 of the way and shared a Bonk Breaker and some Honey Stingers, Cherry flavor. I brought the latter for her because she loves them. The Bonk Breaker flavor today was “Fig” and it was delicious and easy to eat. She also liked it! She finished most of it and she’s a total nut about cooking raw, vegan, whole foods, and some meat. I’m pretty much sold on the brand and the flavors, though its funny because if I weren’t on the cleanse, I would eat the Peanut Butter and chocolate flavors first! πŸ˜‰

(We mostly chat about food while we are riding, which is hilarious.)

On the route we took, we could’ve done Jamison, on of the steeper grades here, but I decided our knees were not recovered enough from our other activities to do it. It’s about 3 miles of uphill climbing, 1420 feet ascent with 9-14% grade πŸ˜‰ Personally, I love the climb, or the fact that I can complete it without taking any breaks, and I’ve done it a handful of times. It’s quite intense and it’s one of those climbs where you go into your mental cave and accept that the pain won’t last forever. There are also points where you find it acceptable that you are drooling because you just can’t be bothered to close your mouth. Alba Road is actually longer and steeper, but I’m working my way to ascend that. Maybe next year!

I used to beat myself up about not being stronger or faster, but training to ride mountains takes time. In less than a year, I’ve gone from riding mountain bikes to road bikes, from 4 mile loops to 40 mile loops. Currently, I’ve clocked in 233K feet of climbing, or a little more since about 2 dozen rides were not recorded. It’s been an incredible year of self-motivation and excitement!

When I got home, I was really pooped. My legs were fine, I just didn’t have enough sleep. I drank a little coconut water and made a semi-congee dish with rice and okra and leftover grilled salmon.

Cantonese style rice porridge is called Jook or “congee”. I didn’t have time to cook down the rice into a creamy consistency (30 minutes with leftover rice) but this was pretty yummy.


I used brown rice and simmered it in water and kimchi spice paste (garlic, ginger, Korean chili powders, rice flour, seaweed and bonito flake essence.) I added chopped okra and flakes of salmon. Heat everything through and squeezed some lime juice for a bright and tasty lunch!

I was starving so sometimes my post-ride meals are made with ingredients that refuel my carb / protein needs.

After eating my salmon rice bowl, I promptly took a nap, face in pillow and woke up 2 hours later. πŸ˜‰ That’s what I call a lazy Sunday!


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