16/21: Sat. Day Recap

This ride was beautiful! Sunny day, not too much wind, and when there was wind, it was warm. We decided to do a route we knew, but the opposite direction. We also cut out about 10 miles because husband did not like the flat – headwind portion. Oh, ok. Guess we’ll skip the warm up and cool down! Still took us about 2 hours. 😉 I noticed on the climbs my husband kept trying to drop me. He’d stand up and go hard until he crested a section, but me? I just kept sitting and spinning my legs.

“Don’t chase at the bottom, catch ’em at the top.” I felt really great today, no records set but being a first time in a new direction, it was really cool to see things coming from the opposite direction.

Done by early evening!


I had to cheat on my diet and eat a processed something.. Also, this product contained oats.. (blueberry & oats). I guess I could’ve brought a banana in my jersey, but that would’ve been barely enough energy. I ate half the bar at 1/3 into the ride and it was TOTALLY delicious! I’m definitely going to buy more for my trip to Borneo! Hubby had a chocolate-espresso version but I didn’t try it. He said he thought they were better than Cliff Bars, which he likes. I thought the consistency was good and it was sort of gooey and soft so I didn’t gag or need a lot of water to swallow each bite.

Tonight’s dinner: Sweet potato fries (garnets) and spicy salsa dip. I made it too hot, but the sweet yams evened out the flavor.

Grilled salmon with fresh garden green salad and squash.


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