15/21: Let’s have a great Friday!

Last night, I was tired and still trying to book hotels for Borneo. Researching is hard when you have no clue what’s up! I also made the mistake of drinking green tea at about 5 pm yesterday. I stayed up until 3am! I’m so tired..

So, last night, hubby was supposed to being home take-out from a nice Chinese restaurant. They are very accommodating to healthy needs: I ordered a simple sautéed greens in garlic and a little oil, brown rice and an order of steamed fish. Just as my husband was walking to the house, however, the paper bag the food was in ripped out and we lost almost all the food. Well, most of it. I was devastated. He was able to eat his brown (but he ordered it as fried rice) and some of the fish, but I resorted to my chicken soup again with what was left of the greens. *Sigh

Yesterday, I road & rowed for 30 minutes each. Recovery from the run! If triathlons were “row, ride, run” instead of “swim”, I would totally do them! 😛


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