14/21: Lotus seed soup breakfast!

So, I know I’m not supposed to have nuts or seeds, but in Chinese medicine, lotus seed are good for restoring the kidneys and remove heat from the blood. (These are also dried and rehydrated for use and I’m sticking by that!)

Traditional nuts are not recommended due to likelihood of rancidity and the free radicals that can result in eating bad nuts. Who knows how long nuts have been stored as the oils do not taste “off” even if they have already gone bad. Worried? Don’t be! Just use a nut butter machine at the store when buying nuts and make sure your grocer buys from reputable nut farms. 😉

Lotus seeds are a perfect protein, are great sources for Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, and low in fat. For 93 calories, only 5 are from fat. Let’s compare with almonds for fun because I like almonds!
*1oz lotus seeds: 1oz almonds
-93 cal-5cal fr fat: 161 cal-116cal fr fat
-16g carbohydrate:6g carbohydrate
-total fat 1g: total fat 14g
-protein 4g: protein 6g
-amino acid score 121: 54
-Folate 29.1mcg: 14mcg
-Potassium 383mg, 11%DV: 197mg, 6%DV
-Cal-Mag 45-58: 74:75

This was just for fun, so I am not saying I would exchange one for the other. I was just curious about the nutritional value of these foods. Also, based on your genetic make up, age and dietary requirements, one food that rates well may or may not be beneficial to you. We rarely eat single foods so the food combinations we eat also affect how our individual bodies process nutrients.

Long story short, I soaked these lotus seeds and boiled them with Pre-cooked carrots and parsnips for about 30 minutes. If I had time, I would’ve done a vegan shiitake mushroom-carrot-lotus seed soup, like this. But I had fresh chicken stock on hand and didn’t want to rehydrate mushrooms! (Lazy)

Maybe I’ll take a shake for lunch, but it was freezing this morning and something hot for breakfast was a definite must!


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