13/21: More than halfway done! ;)

1.Can still feel a slight soreness in he back of my throat. Chinese herbs and Vitamin C, gargling with salt water is keeping it from entering “sick” stage.

2. Skin and lips are really dry. The change in weather, most likely. Began oiling my skin after showering. (I don’t use lotion.)

3. Finally over my random patches of poison oak. Apparently, I touched a few parts of my bike and gloves that had oil on them. My arm had “finger” marks of poison oak bumps. Itchy! But not bad. (remedy was jewel weed)

4. Irritability has faded. The initial weaning off caffeine and high calories has given way to more healthy eating quantities and more veggies!

5. Lost about 7 lbs in 13 days. Diet AND exercise. I work out heavily for an hour a day and watch my caloric intake. If I don’t exercise, I don’t eat more than my prescribed calories per day. If I do exercise I still don’t indulge, so a slightly negative caloric day means loss of weight. Food is not a positive reinforcement “treat”. If I am under 200 calories or more by dinner, I’ll eat another 1/4 cup of brown rice and veggies or a few more ounces of protein. My snack would be a whole fruit and hot tea.

6. My strength is good. About 6 months ago, I did this cleanse. I actually weighed less at the middle of my cleanse. Maybe 2-5lbs lighter. Since I use an app that retains my riding times, I can see that even on my cleanse, I have the strength to do hard exercise reasonably well. My current riding times on are very consistent with my previous records and I’m feeling very good, like I’m not hurting myself!

7. Sore knee muscles. This is because I got aggressive with riding every day because of the rain. Two days of rain means great trails. Four or five means the trails are closed to keep the erosion from getting bad. The window of trail riding gets smaller and smaller, so I’ve been riding more often. Also, since I love climbing on my bike, my lighter body weight means less of me to haul uphill! Haha. But I need to take it easy, and luckily, it’s raining today!

I’m going to make my morning shake and do some core exercises. I may lose power to the house, so I’ll post later if that happens. 😉 Life in a cabin ;P


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