Day11/21: Back to poultry!

So, the first few times I deboned a chicken, I watched and replayed a video by Jaques Pepin. It is really easy to follow and I like listening to him say “articulation” with his French accent. Today, after watching the first few minutes of the video to refresh my memory, I was able to debone without replaying! (Huge feat!)


I made my porcini & oyster mushroom stuffing with just a little oil, garlic and dried sage. I lined the inside with nappa cabbage leaves and spooned the mushrooms on one side. Using a 5 foot twine, I tied the bundle snug and knotted the ends.



The secret to my roasts (turkey and chicken) is that I lay whole halved apples and onions so the poultry sits on top and the drippings meld into a sweet sensational mess which I use to baste the turkey with. I added about 1 pint of water and turned the chicken a few times to get it nice and brown. First 45 minutes I leave a piece of aluminium to tent the chicken, then I remove it to crisp up the skin. The internal temperature needs to be at 160degrees F at the time of removal. Let rest for 5-10 minutes before carving, but be sure to have a trowel type cutting board or paper towels handy to soak up juices!




The last photo is my husband’s plate. He gets an extra slice. 🙂

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