Day11/21:Fish&Chicken Allowed

Today I’m going to make poached chicken for dinner but before that, Let me share what I ate for lunch!

I know. That’s a LOT of kimchi! 😉
I steamed Japanese eggplant and bak choy for about 10 min in the bamboo tray. I made a chopped ginger and scallion oil to add to the eggplant.


Leave the scallions in a bowl and fry the ginger in grape-seed oil. Add chili flakes if you like. After a minute, pour the hot oil into your bowl of scallions. How easy is that?


I had a beet shake and a 1/2 garnet yam that was leftover from last night for breakfast! I’m going to try to go for a quick mountain bike ride in an hour or so, but it just rained, so maybe I’ll do something else that doesn’t require my getting dirty 😉 But that’s the fun part, right?

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