10/21:Sunday morning Hot Sauce making

Morning shake with green food pills. (These pills are prescribed at 5 twice daily.) I’ve set alarms for those times because I often forget if I’ve taken them.

Do you remember my Black Sea salt+Cayenne pepper sauce experiment?




About 6 days ago, I started fermenting a jar of cayenne and habeñeros in spring water, salt and garlic. I had initially wanted to use white sea salt, but ran out. I didn’t want to use kosher, so I used black instead.

I put all the chilies, garlic and most of the liquid into the blender. Take care here to remember how much salt was used in the first place. I added a few table spoons of fresh spring water because I didn’t want the sauce to be too salty. (you can always add salt, but not subtract!) I also used only half a habeñero. I was too afraid to use all of them because it is nice to have heat and flavor, but I don’t want to burn my tastebuds.

When you ferment the chilies, you don’t need to add vinegar. I like adding water to dilute this to a more watery consistency. When all was blended, I strained everything through a chinoise into a bowl and tasted for flavor.

(This is when hubby woke up and asked why the house permeated garlic and spice! Sorry, Hun! But it’s for the greater good!)

I had a used pepper sauce jar which I clean out and reused. I funneled all the liquid into the clean jar. Using parchment paper, I made a little packaging wrap and taped it together with some colorful masking tape.

Using a red sharpie pen, I labelled the ingredients and the date I made the sauce.

I’m crafting and cooking! Love it.



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