FarmersMarket:I’m prepared!

The local West Side Farmers market is pretty tiny. Maybe a dozen or so booths in total, 1-3 fish/poultry/meat vendors and pizza, Mexican and American-pulled pork – breakfast taco type stand for cooked foods. There is usually a coffee vendor, but probably to everyone’s dismay, he wasn’t there. 😦 I’m not able to drink coffee, but it’s the first thing we do when we get to the market. Order coffee!

There is a flower vendor, some starter plants, wine and organic chocolatier that show up here. Sometimes, there’s a live guitarist or small band.

My hubby likes getting the Americanized taco: usually it comes with pulled pork, arugula, a poached egg and bacon on a flour tortilla, about $9-11. My go-to is from the authentic Mexican stand where they mash fresh corn meal, flatten it on a tortilla press, steam it up and serve under stewed chicken, chopped lettuce, fresh salsa and queso blanco (white cheese). Mine is cheaper than his at $5 and offers more fresh food. I always joke I should order him a fresh tortilla and have them just prepare a bowl of the filling.

Today, I came prepared! I brought my leftover brown rice, added beets and kimchi into the bowl and sprinkled togarashi pepper on top.

I also had some coconut water to drink. I watched him eat his slice of wood-fired pizza, but I didn’t feel jealous at all. In fact, my rice bowl was delicious!

This is what I came home with from the market.

The most exciting find were the fresh guavas. The second were the red peppers. You can eat them raw and they are quite sweet.

When I got home, UPS dropped off my nutrition bars!! My bike pal at allseasonscyclist reviewed these bars and just reading the ingredient list of organic and whole foods piqued my interest.



I bought a sampler pack.

When I get off my cleanse, one of these bars is the first thing I’m going to eat! 😉


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