Day9/21: wake up starved but happy

This morning, the sun was shining, I was starving, but I felt great. So great, in fact, I hurried my morning green smoothie and pulled my water rower out of storage (not really “storage” because it stands up beside the living-room wall). I rolled it outside to dust off the cobwebs so I could do a little workout.

I used to row in college. I am not very tall, or very heavy but I fought hard to keep my bow seat on the 8 each season and was part of a quad my second year. The memories I associated with rowing; the joy of watching the sun rise on the bay while rowing through fog, feeling butterflies rise up in my throat during a race, the glowing algae that trailed each stroke of the oar as we feathered our blades in dark waters, is completely why I bought an indoor erg 4 years ago.

(This is my version.)

Nice things about indoor rowing:
1. rowing regardless of weather
2. no scull, no problem
3. nowhere near a lake, river, estuary or reservoir? no problem
4. locking in your oars while leaning over on a seagull-poop infested dock? not even applicable
5. “Peligroso”/Danger! water pollution levels to high for human contact? Pffft! Forget about it.

The list goes on. (Unfortunately)

But for me, I really, truly enjoy rowing. As an exercise, it is very exhilarating and can be easy on your body, unless you have improper form. I’m not going to bother with trying to explain the mechanics of it, but in general, I cringe when I see people using rowing machines at the gym. It looks easy, but there’s a specific technique you must have or else you can really tweak your body.

I rowed and used to use Concept2 erg, but my husband swore that this brand/model was more relaxing to use and it is. For competition, I would have to try their other models, so I can’t really comment, but the lack of venting control/ resistance is the only thing I miss. (which is big if you work out a lot on your rower).

Floor space was also a huge consideration for this purchase. Standing upright and blending into the house was crucial. The “swishhh” sound while rowing is really relaxing, too.

Dust gone, sun on my shoulders, I did an easy 5000 meters in one go. Spent a bit of time warming up, practicing my legs only, then arms only rowing, full body and then some harder sprints. Just messing around, mostly. 😉



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