Day8/21:Will power, Activate

Cake and ice cream?? Vegan? Chocolate? Oh my goodness. Even picturing the black frosted cake and pink frosting is making my stomach rumble. Oh, of course there’s vanilla ice cream (made gluten free and vegan friendly out of coconut) as well as a fruit sorbet! One of our interns celebrated his 18th birthday today and everyone was munching on sweets except me.

I literally kept sipping my bee pollen tonic as I watched everyone take little bites. Holding my ground was hard. But honestly, based on a few “cheats” on previous cleanses, I know having any bite of it would just make my stomach feel badly after eating it. Sugar? Immediate high and crash shortly after. The chocolate cake? Upset stomach and probably some cramping. Sure the smell, first bite, chew and swallow would be fine, but the rest would unhinge my insides.

At least my melodramatic thoughts kept me from stealing the last piece! 😉

So, I’m safe at home, nowhere near delicious vegan cakes, and finished making my meal. My husband really wanted fish tonight and I told him to get some. He can eat whatever he wants, but feels badly if I have to cook for just myself. I tell him it’s fine, but to bring me home a small side of brown rice. 😉

Here’s my menu:
Hot&Sour Kombocha-Beet stew with beet greens
Kimchi bean sprouts with wakame (seaweed)
Nappa cabbage kimchi


I didn’t have the energy to pound ingredients, so the next best thing? Williams-Sonoma blended spice mix! I also added apple-cider vinegar for the “sour” effect. The spice will come from chilies and szhechuan peppercorns. I did a major culinary mash up here with the spices!!



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