Day7/21: Meals on Speedy Wheels!

I had an early 8:30 meeting today, so I really had to jump out of bed!

I made a double serving of shake so I could eat breakfast and lunch.

I made a very deliciously fruity salad with persimmon, avocado, kale, figs and arugula. (The photo was taken at the break of dawn!)

So, I was a little late to the meeting. We met at a cafe. What’s challenging about meeting in a place where food is served is I get very hungry!

It was breakfast time, so there are the typical pastries, scones, croissants, blinis, breakfast burritos, breakfast bagels, calories-fat-sweet-savory! And COFFEE!! Which I love!! 😦 (cry)

I was thankful I made something tasty to eat or else a sandwich and soup may gave ended up in my stomach for lunch. I was good! It was a long meeting.

Anyway, I had a long, LONG day, that I won’t bore anyone with, drove home, ran around the block a few times and prepared dinner!

Chili!!! I wanted to make Lentil Chili since before the cleanse. Since I had to peel tomatoes, and put on a boiling pot if water to do so, I decided to make sprout-kimchi at the same time. I can’t waste boiled water!

(This water reuse stems from my living in a tiny apartment on Lamma Isle, Hong Kong and had no running hot water. I really got used to boiling water and using any leftover for cleaning dishes!)

Oops. I also made salsa at the same time AND made sweet potato fries! Should’ve made ketchup in hindsight!



This recipe keeps getting easier to make!

Boiled a pot of lentils. (About 2.5 cups of dry lentils.)

Onions, some dry and roasted garlic, celery, red bell pepper, a jalepeño, chipotle, guajillo, cumin, Mexican oregano, espazote, achiote paste, tomatoes, oyster mushrooms, fine chili pepper , black pepper, lime juice, and salt. Everything was to taste!


While the chili cooked down, I made the kimchi sprouts by blanching the sprouts and simply mixing them with my homemade kimchi paste! How convenient!


These sweet potato fries appeared out of nowhere! I stacked them like a log cabin and sprinkled salt and pepper on them.


Dinner time!!

I had my husband chop all the accoutrements because, frankly, I was tired. He washed all the dishes after dinner, too! So sweet 😉 Teamwork!


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