I wanted to eat brussel sprouts tonight.. but I also wanted kimchi 😉 So, I had a bit of a mash up style of flavors.


I made some veggie broth with leek tops, half an onion and a carrot. Separately, I sweated some chopped leek and sautéed cauliflower in the broth. Added a little cinnamon and nutmeg and salt to enhance the flavors. Since I used a tagine cooker, it kept everything moist and tender. I knew I could use it for more than stews! 😉

After the leek and cauli were puréed, I added a little more stock and coconut water.

Bowl of piping hot leek soup.

I used a whole bunch of kale and it cooked down to barely anything. 😉 I steamed the kale and brussel sprouts in a little veggie broth, then transferred the veggies to a cast iron pot to caramelized in a little grapeseed oil. I added the garlic to give a little more bite to the dish.

I made this kimchi paste seasoning a week ago. I used a tablespoon for my fried brown rice. The rice was from last nights dinner. (the green stuff is chopped bak choy)

Warning: The pot usually gets very sticky from the rice, but since I don’t add very much oil, it’s just a matter of soaking the pan before washing it. 😉



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