Day6/21-Cleanse Lunch

The most challenging thing about this cleanse is visual variety and preparation. Sure I can eat a whole avocado, persimmon and green apple for lunch. Or buy a lentil hummus (but that has a bit of preservatives and the cleanse doesn’t allow seeds, so tahini is a sesame-butter, essentially.

But the spices and garlic and olive oil should more than suffice for a yummy lentil-dip!

My lunch: Deli-sliced Fuyu-Persimmon & Granny Smith lettuce wrap with lentil “hummus”, chopped salad of avocado, Dry Farm Tomato and arugula on top. Cabbage and red onion garnish to round out the veggie to fruit ratio!





Lentil Hummus:
1 cup Leftover cooked lentils
1/8 cup water
2 small lines juiced (to taste)
5 cloves garlic (veryspicy and garlicky!)
1tbsp homemade cayenne pepper sauce
1 pinch dried cumin
1 pinch spicy paprika
2-4 tbsp good quality olive oil
Blend all ingredients (add only 3 cloves of garlic and more to taste) except spices and oil. Taste for flavor and balance. Then incorporate oil a dash at a time until the consistency is smooth. You can substitute more water if you like, but a little olive oil is key to the nutty and rounded flavor of this dish. Add cumin and paprika.

I added a pinch of DFTomato dust as garnish.

Lay clean hearts of romaine or red leaf down on plate. Grate red cabbage on each leaf. Core apple and slice on a mandolin thinly, about 1-2 mm. Slice Fuyu the same way. Stack one overlapping the other and lay into leaf. If the leaf is thin, cut slices in half. Add a small tablespoon of hummus along the slices. Sprinkle sprouts, arugula, microgreens, on top. If you have avocado, tomatoes, chop and add a tablespoon as a garnish. Add thinly sliced red onion on top of that.

That’s it! I only ate half of each fruit when I made this lunch. Visually, it’s appetizing and filling. Drink lots of water šŸ˜‰

On a side note, I keep forgetting if I took my pills or not. I end up having to count them all and distribute by days to make sure I’m on-track!



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