SP Cleanse Day5/21: Morning in pictures

I didn’t have a very good lunch yesterday because I didn’t prepare a salad. So today, I made a mad dash to send my hubby to work with my lunch.

I was hungry and decided to eat half of an avocado. The other half went into the fig-pear-arugula-red leaf-sprouted sunflower greens-buckwheat sprout-salad. Today I used olive oil and lime juice as my dressing.

I love my cayenne pepper sauce. So I poured some onto my avo and ate that while I made my morning smoothie.

Beets! This is what I bought yesterday at New Leaf (our local chain of organic grocer). It’s got much more sugar than the green gardens drink, however, I’m going to ride into work today via a route that some people around here do as a time trial. I’m not quite ready to go full out, but I like doing it at least once a month. After that, I’m heading into work. Should be a good 2 hour ride.

As for the lack of additional oil I usually add, I already ate an avocado, so no need for extra fats. 😉

Mmm. Delicious. But wait! I have to digest first. Hmmm. How to kill time..

Make more chili pepper sauce! This time, I’m going to let it ferment for more than 2 days. 😉 I was too excited by the previous experiment and rushed a vinegar concoction for the cayenne sauce. This time, I’ll wait it out. (At least a week!)

Like my flesh tone latex gloves? Creepy huh! I got these from my step dad who is a chemist. These were in the “expired” lot. They are not usable for pharmaceutical grade use in a clean-sterile environment any longer. But for me, I’m cutting chilies and wrenching on my bikes, so no biggie there!

Wouldn’t you know, I ran out of sea salt?! I’m getting more from Sweden (my friend brought me some and I’ve yet to see him). However, our cousins brought us Black salt and I’m going to try it!




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