Dinner4/21:Korean inspired Kombocha with rice

Seriously starting to miss meat today. I got a ride home from my husband and had to go grocery shopping while hungry.

There was almost no aisle I could venture into. Produce and frozen veggies were it. 😦 The plethora of bulk bins and nut bar. Off limits. Everything packaged = 85% of the whole store. Butcher counter: Nope. Fresh foods was pretty good with vegetarian and carnivorous options, but I already made plans for dinner.

I bought a beet drink for tomorrow’s morning shake and some greens for tomorrow’s lunch. Planning keeps me from having to do what I did today. (Scrape off a vegetarian sandwich and reconstruct a salad that had candied pecans and crumbled goat cheese in it. The dressing was on the side.)

I was inspired by this Korean recipe for vegetarian sweet potato with rice. I can’t eat soy sauce, so I thought I’d put a curried spin to it. That’s where I deviated greatly from the initial idea.

We bought some delicious looking okra at the market, so I wanted to use it.

The spices cone from a more South East Asian cuisine with cardamom, tumeric, galangal, garam masala, fresh ground coriander seed, nutmeg… mm what else. Fresh ginger, onion.. and I used my own veggie stock and coconut milk.


The green papery leaf in there is dried betel. When fresh, you can wrap food inside it and eat the leaf and its contents. Very trad Thai appetizer food. In Vietnamese cuisine, you can stuff mixed meats inside and roll it like a fresh sausage and grill it. When dried it works well to enhance curries and stews.

Added the okra in later to keep them from getting too mushy.

Garnished and plated with 1/4 brown rice on top. (Allowed 1/2 cup of brown rice per day OR 1 cup lentils.) If I serve 1/4 cup, I can always feel like I’m having seconds! πŸ˜‰

Here is where homemade kimchi and cayenne pepper sauce saved my day.. Oh, and I sliced some lime for garnish, too! And cilantro πŸ˜‰ heehee. pack on the accoutrements!

I love the spice! Even though my favorite sauce is the Sriracha Sauce with Mr. Rooster on the front, there are a lot of preservatives in there. Mmm. No. So, I have to make my own hot sauce!


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