1.5hrs in and started bonking

OMG today is beautiful in Santa Cruz. On my ride, the breeze was actually warm and the recent rain made everything smell and feel a bit humid and tropical!

I even pushed myself and got 2nd overall (on Strava) for a TT-loop. I always go a little too far on the road and pass the end point, but to see a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean after a long 11 miles of gradual uphill is a greater prize to me!

I was really hungry on my way back to the highway. Like drinking water wasn’t doing it anymore. An hour and a half into the ride, I began feeling a little distracted and tired.

I rode into work and literally dropped my bike and ran to the fridge to eat my salad.

Sitting on the stairs, sweating and eating salad.. I felt like each bite was bringing me back into reality. The cleanse is really making me realize how many calories I burn during a ride. I have basically enough nutrients for about 2 hours of exercise after eating a 400cal breakfast. However, I really do need a snack somewhere in hour 2 to be safe and feel strong. 😉

I was very tired during my last few miles which makes me think I really need to do more endurance training.

Wait! Before I forget. My friend just got back from France and brought me some herbs de Provence in a cool grater and some delicious smelling French Soap from Marseille! Merci!




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