Day4/21–green”guiness” morning

I recall the lunch on my 21st birthday in San Francisco. I was in the company of co-workers at an Irish pub-restaurant. The waitress, in her very sweet Irish accent asked, “Well what would you like for your very first legal drink, Darlin’?”
“Guiness!” I exclaimed.
“Good Girl!” she replied.

Well, this morning I’m feeling really great. I feel like my stomach has settled in its amazing shrinking diet and lack of snacks in the past few days. My stomach bloating has lessened and thankfully, drinking water late last night kept me from feeling hungry, even though my stomach was gurgling otherwise. I could’ve eaten more because I was calorie deficient due to riding, but the thought of raw veggies as a midnight snack sounded horrible.

This morning’s meal is why I thought of Guiness.

To me, this shake had a nice thick, but liquid-y consistency and a little bit of froth that reminded me of my favorite Irish beer. I like Guiness a lot. It tastes heavy and satisfying, but actually has less calories than a Budweiser. 1 12oz serving of Guiness has 125cal where Bud has 145cal. *

I have not drank a Bud since I made beer-can chicken and was reminded how much I didn’t like it.

This shake, at 350 calories, is way more caloric and healthy than a Guiness. On a side note, when I was in Ireland, I had mostly Murphy’s brand Stout ales..

My morning ritual: 2 scoops, 1 tbsp, 1 tbsp, 1 -16oz veggie juice. I added a kiwi for something to chew on 😉

I served my drink in a celebratory glass this morning and cut the kiwis in wedges.. The presentation made me think of Guiness and “chips”; the Irish meaning of chips being the fat steak fries you eat post drinking! Can you imagine after going to a bar having another 1000calories of potato goodness? I can. 😉
(Here is where I can tell that the deprivation of starches is going to my head!)

These kiwis were sweet!

Off to work out and head into the office.


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