Snack Snack Attack

Ok. Yesterday I was at a major calorie deficit due to riding. We are about to go on a short ride, but not sure about the route so I’m eating carbs and beets to make sure I have enough energy to ride. Apparently eating beets have shown to improve the amount of physical exertion by some percentage (I think between 5-15%) more than not eating beets. I have a post about that somewhere 😉

Well, here’s my beet intake. Chilled from the fridge, I like squeezing a little fresh lime juice on it.

But what I really need is rice! So, thankfully, I have some leftover rice from last night and am adding kimchi to it. Hmm. I hope kimchi doesn’t give me gas again. ;( I guess I’ll find out.

Most pre packaged sports foods and energy chews are packaged/ processed, so I can’t eat any of those right now.



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