I made this salad and ate it for lunch. I went to a restaurant with my clients and brought my salad with me. It was a bit funny: I had the bowl in my lap and ate it while everyone else had their meals. I tried to order a side of brown rice, but they didn’t have any. I ordered an arugula salad, but it didn’t come with anything except crumbled macadamia nuts. I requested the dressing on the side, but I forgot to ask what the salad came with. Apparently not much. The leaves were wilted and soft and I told the waitress to let the chef know. It’s weird to eat wilted greens at a restaurant. Otherwise, this place would’ve been great in 10 days. They serve very nice fish dishes and they have a ceviche marinated in chilies, lime and coconut milk.. But I’m not quite there yet.

I had a headache all day, unfortunately. I drank a lot of water, but instead of ramping down my coffee intake the past week, I did the opposite. 😉

I came home and had the plan of making veggie broth, baking beets and sweet potatoes for dinner.

Skipping ahead, I baked, peeled and mashed 2 medium sweet potatoes. I grated a fresh raw garlic clove into the mixture and added fresh chives from the garden.


To make this dark veggie broth, I dry fried onions, carrot, fennel, a stick of cinnamon, and a nub of ginger and a few tablespoons of dried porcini mushrooms and added water. This cooked down for about 1.5 hrs.

I added some broth to the sweet potatoes to make it smoother.

Using a cast iron Le Crueset tagine pot, I sautéed onions, celery, and turnip in coconut oil. I added broth a 1/4 cup at a time until the turnips were almost tender. Then I added chopped mushrooms. I thought I had peas and carrots, but I didn’t. 😦 I used some garam masala and pre blended curry spice from my spice rack as well as dried sage and oregano.

I spooned on the mashed potatoes and spread it over the mixture. Baked at 400 for about 25 minutes until I saw the bubbling coming through.



Mm. Satisfying! Finally full after a long day. 😉


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