SP Detox Cleanse Day2/21

I think I’m addicted to cooking. It’s like my pet project that I can do as much or as little as I want. It’s a blend between my frugal nature and my creative one. Maybe a sprinkle of independence, too. Knowing I can make something I used to just go out and buy is satisfying. Also, since I don’t eat refined sugar and watch my sodium intake, it’s easier for me to understand my health.

*I used to wonder why my fingers would hurt and swell in the middle of the night after making soup with organic store bought broth.. Well, I didn’t think about how much sodium was in the stock and now I either make my own or make sure I buy reduced sodium broth. After years of making my own stocks, if I am lazy or use packaged broth, I feel the effects shortly after. It’s eerie.

So, this morning, while drinking my morning shake, I made lentils, made cayenne pepper sauce and chipotle-tomatillo salsa.




Thank you, Rick Bayless! This batch turned out awesome.


I followed this recipe here but added some habeñero chilies because I had some.


I’m determined to prepare some type of tacos for dinner tonight. Not sure what, or how, but I have a fall back plan of zucchini noodles with pistou.

My mission for this morning is to search out fun stuff to cook at the farmers market! Then go for a bike ride with my husband. It is dry today after a day and a half of rain, so the trails should be nice and tacky!


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