You want it spicy? You want it now? Well, here you go!

This hot sauce is roughly based off Rick Bayless’s Toasted Arbol Chili Salsa

Let’s start by saying I am still sneezing. I made salsa, ate dinner, cleaned my dishes and am writing this post.. and still sneezing. My mouth is no longer on fire but my tongue is slightly numb.

I had to add quite a few things to this to make it palatable. The first thing I tasted was hot, raw, chili spice flavor. But it was hollow.. You know? I felt the heat, I tasted a raw back of the throat toasted garlic, but nothing in between to give it body.

I added another handful of dried chilies and 1 raw clove of garlic after I took this photo. Dry roasting chilies is fast! The skin-on garlic is a little longer. Make sure you do the garlic first. Don’t walk away to your computer to check the recipe (like I did) and burn your chilies!

I love this little cuisine-art mixer.


This salsa is yummy! (achooo!)
-30 dried Arbol chilies, toasted
-4 cloves garlic in skin, toasted until outside is browned and inside is softened
-1/2 to 3/4 cup water, add in increments of 1/4
– 1 small dry farm tomato (2″ dia)
– 1 small tomatillo (1.5″ dia)
– 1 tsp salt

I blended everything and served it with our Mexican Food take out! 😉 I froze the remaining salsa for my cleanse which I’m doing in a few days.


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