I think it has been 2 or 3 days since I made my cleanse-kimchi. This morning, I lifted up the jar to examine how much more liquid has formed in the jar.

Then, I realized there was a little pool of liquid where the kimchi was. Oddly enough, I should’ve known something was going on when I kept hearing a slight “hisssss” every few hours coming from the kitchen.

Why do the jars of kimchi at the store have 1 or 2 inches left empty at the top?


This is why!!

Don’t worry, I opened the lid over the sink and let the air out slowly. I also transferred a cup out into a lidded bowl.

Even though it is 9am, I really wanted to try some, I took a bite! Very spicy 😉 and sour! Just how it should be. I think I’ll put it into the fridge to slow the process, now.

Quiet! No more hissing 😉


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