Pizza I Can Love

Oh dear. I drank about 3/4 of a bottle of wine while prep and cooking of my pizza.. It was delicious but a leisurely experience.

By the time I decided to start taking photos, I peeled 2 lbs of tomatoes, grated a half onion, stewed them in a little pot and strained it to get the sauce.. I then simmered that down for another 30 minutes. Oh I was determined to make my sauce from scratch!

I love my local grocer for offering fresh organic pizza dough!!

To get my crust extremely awesome, I bake on a pizza stone. Almost like a wood fire oven, but like 100 times not.. but better than just a baking sheet by like 10 times! Oil the dough with your fingers, prebake at temp for 10 minutes, flip the entire crust over, and top with homemade sauce!

If you can’t have Dry Farmed Tomatoes, you may need oregano, garlic and spices… but if you are lucky? Just cook down onions and tomatoes for the most delicious simple recipe, ever.

Where’s my garden basil? Flowering already?? Damn. Get the leaves!

Compromise… My husband wanted Coppa. Ok. Our local charcuterie had a beautiful, packaged, pre cooked Coppa! I added this to half the pizza after I added mozzarella (sorry, no time to make this from scratch!) baked for about 10 minutes. I also added chopped basil at this point so it wouldn’t combust into burnt little green flecks!

Only one of each slice left! We ate the rest 🙂

Fresh grated Parm and more basil were yummy adds! For some reason, this, to me, was forever better than anything we ever pick up!

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