Fish. A sustainable seafood restaurant and market with great desserts made fresh by a pastry chef! At close to 800 yelp reviewer and 4.5-5 stars, it is well known for casual dining and great waterfront atmosphere. Bring your appetite and checkbook or cash! Love it here! One of our only favorite Americana seafood restaurants in the greater Bay Area.



If you don’t know, September and October is the best time to visit SF. We have Indian Summers that are warm and we locals thrive on this time of year.. Even the fog is kept at bay from the heat!


I’ve pretty much eaten everything on the menu here. I normally love having the Glad Hand – blue cheese -iceberg salad, but today I felt like shellfish!

BBQ oysters.

We shared a mix of appetizers off the specials menu: Mussels steamed in a saffron broth with pearl sized pasta with aioli.

Spanish white anchovy on bruschetta.

Tasty fresh salmon and white fish ceviche! (could’ve had a bit more lime juice and chilies, but we are fiends for spicy food!)

The bar is often the least crowded spot, especially on a gorgeous day, but we like sitting there. I watched a guy slice a 4 foot long fresh halibut, the pastry chef make a few dozen portions of carrot cake, and enjoyed a Shandy with my meal!



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