The evening of our anniversary, we enjoyed a leisurely mountain bike ride and watched the sun go down (well not all the way down!) at the top of the mountain. With only 20 minutes of light left, we actually descended fast!

Afterward, we shared a bowl of fries and a few IPA’s at our local organic brewery: Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery. They offer food from next door “Kelly’s Bakery” until 7pm. It’s a great way to end any type of bike ride, I say!

We opted to not give gifts this year in lieu of saving up to buy some great gifts when we go to Asia in December. I know we will be spending $$ in Hong Kong alone! (whew! that was a relief since I couldn’t find anything he liked or would want the day before.)

Sat. morning.
We started off our 3.5 hour drive to Sonoma with a good breakfast hash and salad.

We grilled filet mignon for our anniversary dinner so we had a little meat left over. I made a foil package with potatoes and onions especially for breakfast! Why not use the heat of the grill for breakfast prep?!

…and I made a freshly roasted tomatillo avocado salsa! Long live the tomatillo! 😉


I was about a 4 hour drive to our hotel. ;( uhg. Then we rushed to change and then drove to the wedding. We were afraid we were late, but thankful the ceremony was still an hour later. (Thank you, thank you!! for informal ceremonies!)
The next time we ate was after the ceremony! It was a yummy pig roast with tortillas and mango salsa. Salad and freshly sliced tomatoes were also delicious! Check out the 120lb pork!



2 thoughts on “Anniversaries-Weddings-AllOutPigRoast!

  1. mmmm. just look at that hog roast, friends of our got married in august and they had a roast at their reception, it was divine, something you just can’t replicate at home..

    1. I know! Unless you’re willing to make a pig pit and wrestle a full sized pork, I’d love to be invited to a roast again but not host one. . ever! heehee.. thank you for visiting. 🙂 xox Bam

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